WEMA Consult is an acronym for ‘Water and Environmental Management Consultants. WEMA Consult (T) Ltd is a Tanzania-based multi-disciplinary consulting firm formed within the philosophy of multi-disciplinary and integrated approaches to sustainable development. WEMA Consult (T) Ltd deals with provision of Engineering and Non Engineering (Multidisciplinary) consultancy services. The company is committed to offering a holistic and integrated approach to sustainable development by combining modern techniques related to Water Sciences, Natural Resources, Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Geographic Information System (GIS), Project Evaluation and Auditing, and Social Sciences. 

As its field of operation portrays, WEMA is registered and certified by the Engineering Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania to practice on Water Resources Engineering and other water related assignment. Also the company is registered with the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to perform both Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit.

 The Company originated from a group of University researchers who researched on the science of Water management, River hydrology and hydro geology, Agriculture & Irrigation, Natural Resources and environmental flow in Eastern and Central Africa’s basins for over 6 years. Today the company is managed by professionals with an average of over ten years experience in a wide range of Natural resources Management, Water resources engineering, hydraulic and hydrology, water civil infrastructures, Agriculture, Irrigation, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), and environmental and social assignments. The WEMA professionals are deployed to work as individuals or sub consultant nearly all over Africa. This has enabled WEMA professionals to have unique experiences, born out of research, consultancies that reflect the versatile nature found in different African countries. The company is therefore uniquely placed to assess client’s requirements and to assemble a team of experts to perform assigned scope and tasks.

The company MOTO is “No assignment is too small or too big provided it leverage human development” and our MISSIONS are

  • Deliver effective and quality consulting solutions (EQCS);
  • Deliver quality environmentally-sound services (QESS);
  • Provide integrated and multidisciplinary solutions to development projects or problems;
  • Provide leadership through excellence in the area of ‘water - natural resource – agriculture - environment - human development’ in the development process;
  • Provide optimum satisfaction to our Clients irrespective of the size of the commission – no assignment is too small or too big.

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