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Water Supply/Sanitation and Hydrology of Civil Infrastructures remain to be a huge area of interest to WEMA Consult (T) Ltd. The field has become of more demand and emphasis particularly with the recent dynamic on hydrological measures due to climate change.  WEMA hydrological analysis and design of water infrastructure have always taken into account resilience to climatological, physical, and human behaviour changes. Our ongoing and completed projects presented below demonstrated how far we have come from in this field of operation.


Client, location


Water for Consumption Needs Assessment/ Feasibility study, Tanzania.

The Key tasks includes: Assess the needs for safe water among residents of target parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. Identify existing water points in need of rehabilitation or potential new water points, Assess the willingness and capacity of the church structure to implement a long-term hygiene education and water point maintenance system and Outline a project implementation strategy that balances needs, capacity, and other feasibility considerations (e.g. proximity of water points for efficient construction) over the five years.

Lutheran World Relief (LWR), United State of America

August -October 2012

Groundwater Investigation and Drilling Supervision for the Bigwa Sisters Secondary Schools.

The key tasks conducted by WEMA includes: Establishing the water demand for the Bigwa sister secondary school, Investigation and gathering of information data about the water projects, based on assessment of Demand, Access to water, quality and quantity of water and sustainability, supervision of the drilling process and writing of the final report.

The Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI) and Tanzania Catholic Association of Sister (TCAS)

Conrad N. Hilton fund for Sisters


February -May 2012

Technical and Facilitation Services for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Mvomero District council.

The key tasks were:

  • Implementing demand-responsive and sustainable Community Water Supply Services, providing basic drinking water and sanitation facilities through design and construction supervision of new scheme & rehabilitation of old ones and promotion of good Sanitation practices through hygiene education.
  • Strengthening community capacity to plan, implement, operate & maintain their facilities community participation, formation& training of WATSAN Committees & Water User Entities (WUE’s) & training community members in better hygiene practices so as to maximize health benefits &ensure sustainable of water supply schemes through community ownership & management.
  • Developing district-level capacity to deliver community Water Supply Services, creating & enabling environment for the private sector & NGO’s to play an active role in the delivery of goods & services & assisting and supporting Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) and communities in planning, implementation & management of their WSS Facilities.

World Bank through Ministry of Water and  Irrigation

Water sector Development Programme, Tanzania


June 2010-April 2011

Technical and Facilitation Services for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Tabora District council.

WEMA Professionals undertook the followings: Mobilization, preliminary design, detail design and tender preparation. Also construction, promotion & sensitization of different technologies of water use, storage and capturing. Assisting the client with bidding/tendering process, construction supervision and reporting.

World Bank through Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Water sector Development Programme (WSDP), Tanzania

October 2009-July 2010

Feasibility Study for possible Mini Hydro power Development for Chipole Sisters at Tulila and Lupoli Sites on the Ruvuma River.

WEMA Consult was sub contracted by ITECO to undertake the following tasks: Identification of best site for hydro dam location, Rainfall and hydro data collection and data analysis and Topographical survey and production of high quality maps.

Benedictine Sisters of Saint Agness Convent, Chipole, Tanzania

October 2009

Design of the Mwandiga - Manyovu road in Kigoma.

WEMA professionals were involved in the analysis of the hydrology and hydraulic of the river crossing which included analysis of the river frequency and river training to obtain input data for the design and upgrading of the road to bitumen standard. Prepare return flood period and decide flood level using appropriate hydrological flood models.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD)

February – November 2007

Design of the Mwatisi bridge in Morogoro.

WEMA was commissioned by ITECO Consult to analyse the hydrology and hydraulic of the river crossing which included analysis of the river frequency and river training to obtain input data for the design of the new bridge. WEMA also prepared return flood period and decide flood level using appropriate hydrological flood models.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD)

November 2006 – March 2007

Design of the Korogwe – Same highway

WEMA professionals worked to: analyse the hydrology and design of the hydraulic of 502 structures crossing the Korogwe – Same highway during the design of the road.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD).


Water supply security for the Kilombero Sugar Company in responding to the draught effect which resulted on low levels in the Ruaha river at the Abstraction point.

The tasks were to analyse Ruaha river flows, abstraction level and frequencies and seasonal changes in flood level, modelling of the quantity of water that can be available for abstraction by the Kilombero sugar company at minimum river flows and between dry season and years.

Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)

Jan 2005

Review of the sewarage (effluent and influent quality) of the Mtibwa sugar company sewage system.

The study included overall review of the laboratory result of the sewage quality from the oxidation ponds. Provide interpretation of the results and suggest for the improvement measures

Mtibwa Sugar Company Ltd, Tanzania

Sep 2004.

Rehabilitation of sewage network and design of the extension system in Kilombero sugar company for the Illovo Sugar Company Ltd.

WEMA Professionals were involved in:  Analysis of sewerage quantity, sludge quantity and effluent quality in oxidation ponds. Further supervision of the sludge removal and rehabilitation/upgrading of the existing system which included installation of new pump stations, establishment of temporary pond for sewerage diversion design of diversion structure and dewatering of sewage from ponds.

Kilombero/Illovo Sugar Company Limited, Tanzania

August 2004 – July 2005

Improvement of the oxidation ponds system at Kilombero Sugar Company (K1 and K2).

The major tasks were:

  • Critical analysis of oxidation, pond configuration and effluent standard, and water quality analysis of the receiving water body which is the Ruaha River where the wastewater from the company's sewer is emptied.
  • Analysis of the siltation extent of wastewater stabilization ponds; runoff effect on soak pit latrines and their effluent standards, advise the client on how the sewage system can be improved such that it becomes safe for both the society which uses the river water as drinking water and the environment.

Kilombero/Illovo Sugar Company Ltd, Tanzania


May 2004 – July 2005

Design of most trouble spot (swampy area) on the road from Mheza to Magamba in Tanga – Tanzania.

WEMA professionals designed the hydrology and hydraulic for the bridge to be build in the area. In addition, the water management including river training measures was proposed and implemented around the area.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD).


Design of the new Ruvu bridge (Dar es Salaam – Morogoro highway).

WEMA professionals analysed the hydrology and hydraulic of the river crossing which included analysis of the river frequency, river training to obtain input data for the design of the new Ruvu Bridge. Prepared return flood period and decided flood level using flood models and application of GIS and SAT images in building up the catchment area and river course.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD).

Nov. 2003 – May 2004

Design of River Training, Environmental Impact Assessment and Construction Supervision from Msolwa river system across TAZARA bridge no 65.

WEMA Professional worked as associates on the TAZARA bridge No. 65, Kisaki - Ifakara section - River Training Measures for Illovo Sugar Company Ltd. Key tasks included review of hydrologic analysis and preparation of computer-based hydrological model related to the Msolwa river training measures, review of the river training study dealing with hydraulic and hydrological aspects for the TAZARA bridge No. 65; designing and supervision of the river training; capacity building on drainage management and maintenance of the river banks to the community.

TAZARA/ILLOVO Sugar Company Ltd, Tanzania.

Sep 2003 – Feb 2004


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