Relationship with clients: WEMA Consult (T) Ltd. places great emphasis on effective and close professional relationship with its clients.  For example, as a standard practice and procedure, the firm adopts and executes project control procedures such as scheduling progress reports, meetings, and personal contact with the Client, including effective communication with all review and regulatory agencies.

Information technology: In realization of the fact that information technology has become a veritable tool for technical development and maintaining relevance in the field, our firm has invested heavily in the acquisition of this information technology, both in respect of material and manpower resources. As such we are able to achieve qualitative results at very short notice. The company’s website demonstrates some of the key projects which have been successfully completed by our staff either working as WEMA employees or deployed by other consulting firms.

Quality organisation: The Company subjects every assignment to the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to ensure continuous improvement on services provided. The effectiveness of this approach is further described below:

  • Planning: Involves clarification of client’s requirements and expectation, survey and analysis of existing conditions or situation, development and analysis of steps to take during project execution and finally, planning the improvement process. This step is very crucial to us and the client. It creates clear understanding between our team and the counterpart staff.
  • Doing: This is the actual testing of the process being adopted. This is also an important step as it brings the understanding on the effectiveness of the approach we have adopted to each assignment.
  • Checking: This entails analysis of the results obtained if really provide solutions to the problem under consideration and finally,
  • Acting: involves standardisation of the process and repeating the overall improved process.

Quality Control Process within WEMA

The guiding philosophy of our company is No assignment is too small or too big provided it leverages human development’. This lends credibility to the high level of quality for our output irrespective of the size of the project. Our company aims at providing quality and effective consulting solutions to our numerous clients, right from project conception, through preparation, study, design and implementation. Every output is subjected to rigorous internal quality control, checks and crosschecking before they are finally delivered to the client.

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