Engineering Survey,
GIS and Remote Sensing Studies

WEMA Consult staffs being originated from research and training has been in the lead in Tanzania in developing and implementing Quality Assurance (QA) systems in all the studies they undertake. In addition, WEMA Staff are very keen in attending short courses and providing training to stakeholders for the projects they undertake. Due to this regular involvement in training and research, our Quality assurance system is based on international Quality Assurance Standards - the ISO 9000 series.   Our study, planning and design work is therefore in accordance with the latest issue of ISO.

Again WEMA understand that training and technology transfer is an emphasis in most project undertaken nowadays. WEMA very much realises this situation and has set up a system to make sure that training and technology transfer provided at WEMA impose environments which will make the implemented projects most sustainable. The WEMA training and technology transfer is a four step process including:

  • Identify suitable technical staff from clients’ staff
  • Organise seminars, courses and training for stakeholders to enhance the management of the project
  • Provide training on operation and maintenance of the project
  • On the job training when working with our counterpart staff

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