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Although WEMA is a private company, it recognises the significance of involvement in community welfare and capacity building of the community. One of the key policies of the company is to participate in community development project especially in Socio-Economics and livelihood projects. WEMA highly recognise the effort of the community and so the company is committed in donating part of its profit to the community. Some of the beneficiaries of our donation so far include:

  • Education Institutions (Primary/Secondary Schools)
  • Faith Based Organisations
  • Orphanage Centres
  • Healthy Centres
  • Water users associations
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Community based organizations
  • WEMA long term clients/partners

One of our exemplary donations with enormous multiplier effect is that of irrigation cans which was donated to all the schools which are within the WWF- Eastern Udzungwa Mountains National Park Project in Kilosa and Kilombero, Tanzania. WEMA was engaged by WWF to undertake the Final evaluation of the project. And in view of the good work, on the catchment management which included tree planting, being done by the community, WEMA handled the irrigation cans to the WWF – Udzungwa Project Coordinator (see photo) on behalf of all the schools within the project area. The primary schools in the project area spear headed to manage all the tree nurseries – Thus main source of all trees to be planted in the Eastern Udzungwa Mountains which was under threat to vanish.


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