River Basins,
Water Resources Engineering & Environmental Studies

The Company originated from a group of University Researchers who researched on the Science of Water in Tanzanian river basins in early 1997. The research was a response on water completion between users in most Tanzania basins. The research covered Water and Irrigation Management, River hydrology and Hydrogeology, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental flow. After impressive findings the river basin study attracted European partners and it extended to include pilot studies in Eastern and Central Africa basins. After conclusion of this long term research, a company was officially registered as Engineering and Non Engineering Consulting firm and its name was WEMA Consult (Water and Environmental Management Consultant).

Today the company is managed by professionals with an average of over ten years experience in a wide range of Natural Resources Management, Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydrology,  Agriculture, Irrigation, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), and Environmental and Social assignments.

The WEMA professionals are deployed to work as individuals or sub consultant in Eastern, Southern and Central Africa. Today, WEMA professionals have unique experiences, born out of research and consultancies. The company is therefore uniquely placed to assess client’s requirements and to assemble a team of experts to perform assigned tasks.

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